The Sun in H-Alpha

Sun Ha, 2022-11-18
Telescope TS Optics Photoline 60mm F/5.5
Camera ZWO ASI1600MM
Mount SkyWatcher Star Adventurer
Filters Daystar Quark Chromosphere
Software FireCapture, AutoStakkert, PixInsight

First light for my new C11.

Really bad seeing, and still a lot to optimize and learn about my new setup, but it's already quite promising.

Jupiter, 2022-11-04
Moon, Plato and Alpes
Moon, Plato
Moon, Sinus Iridum

Weather was mostly cloudy or veiled, but I managed to get a few clean frames between the clouds

Partial Solar Eclipse
Partial Solar Eclipse

IC 1396 in narrowband from London.

Shot over three nights in August, September and October, with almost 19 hours of acquisition. First light for both my new ASI2600MM and Chroma narrowband filters.

Postprocessing using three different palettes: SHO (classic "Hubble palette", with more contrast), HOO (using only oxygen and hydrogen filters, more realistic colours), and HOS (middleground between the two).

IC 1396 - Elephant Trunk Nebula

This sequence was shot over 3.5 hours to try and capture Jupiter's rotation as smoothly as possible. Seeing was fairly bad, but that's quite standard around here. I also changed the camera to the ASI183MM Pro, cooled down to -15 degrees to try and minimize noise.

You can also see two satellites eclipsed: at the beginning of the animation Io disappears behind the Gas Giant, while at the end Europa suddenly reappears leaving the planet shadow.

In this second version the animation is a lot more fluid, but at the expense of some detail loss.

The Great Orion Nebula, M42, in narrowband. Two processing versions, using HOO palette (more natural looking) and SHO (more detailed, as it also includes Sulfur).

M42 - first narrowband attempt
M42 - first narrowband attempt
California Nebula

Mars getting smaller, a few weeks after its opposition.

Mars, 26/10/2020

A couple of close up of the Moon, around the craters Copernicus and Plato.

Moon, Copernicus Crater area
Moon, Plato crater area