This sequence was shot over 3.5 hours to try and capture Jupiter's rotation as smoothly as possible. Seeing was fairly bad, but that's quite standard around here. I also changed the camera to the ASI183MM Pro, cooled down to -15 degrees to try and minimize noise.

You can also see two satellites eclipsed: at the beginning of the animation Io disappears behind the Gas Giant, while at the end Europa suddenly reappears leaving the planet shadow.

In this second version the animation is a lot more fluid, but at the expense of some detail loss.

Telescope SkyWatcher Skymax 180
Camera ZWO ASI183MM Pro
Mount iOptron CEM40
Filters Astronomik R-G-B Type 2c Filters, ZWO EFW
Software FireCapture, AutoStakkert, PixInsight, WinJUPOS

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